14th May 2016

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Welsh Aerial and Pole Championships

The Welsh Aerial and Pole Championshipshave been organised to give pole students and professionals of all abilities in Wales an opportunity to compete in their very own Welsh competition. All schools in Wales have been invited to take part, and any individual’s within Wales independent of a school are also welcome to compete.

There are 7 categories in total, including our new category: DOUBLES AND AERIAL HOOP! For the first time ever competitors are required to submit a video entry, only the top 5 competitors from each category will make it through to the final on May14th 2016.

Cystadleuaeth Polyn Cymru

Maes cystadleuaeth dawnsio polyn  Cymru wedi ei drefnu i roi cyfle i myfyrwyr dawnsio polyn, ac myfyrwyr proffesiynol, o alluoedd holl waith yng Cymru cyfle i gystadlu mewn lleoliad lleol. Mae holl ysgolion yn yr ardal wedi'u gwahodd i gymryd rhan, ac mae unrhyw unigolyn annibynnol o fewn ardal o ysgol yn hefyd croeso i gymryd rhan.


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