8th September 2018

Location: Tramshed, Cardiff, CF11 6QP

The Results of NWPC 2010

Wed, 08 Sep 2010

The Results of  NWPC 2010

1st Place Katie Davies (school = Lovespin)
2nd place Melanie Stott (school = Pagans Pole)

1st place = Heather Walker (school = Pagans Pole)
2nd place = Ellie Humphreys (school = Sharp Shooters)

1st place = Rhian Burrell (school = Sharp Shooters)
2nd place = Sam Sinfield (school = Sharp Shooters)

1st place = Sonia Allcock (school = Sharp Shooters)
2nd place = Emma Boutet (school = Pagans Pole)

The UKAPP and BIPDC places were awarded to:
Intermediate level of UKAPP = Nikki Lines (Pagans Pole)
Advanced level of UKAPP = Heather Walker (Pagans Pole)
BIPDC Professional level = Sonia Allcock (Sharp Shooters) 

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