8th September 2018

Location: Tramshed, Cardiff, CF11 6QP

Categories & Competitors

All competitors must be 18+ (younger accepted with full parental consent) and live in the UK. This is a no shoes competition; we want to see your toes!

 CLOSING DATE FOR VIDEO ENTRIES IS midnight 03rd JUNE 2018.  The top 6 entries (as decided by our judges) from each category will make it through to the finals on 8th SEPTEMBER.  Should a category receive less than 6 entries it will not be submitted to the judges for video heats as all competitors will instantly receive a place in the final, and the additional spaces will be given to the busier categories. Videos should be uploaded onto you vimeo or youtube and the link shared with info@welshaerialandpolechampionships.co.uk

The competitions is open to the whole of the UK, with a minimum of 50% of the final competition derived from Wales.

Please ensure videos are not set to private as the judges need access to them at all times!

The competition will be split into 8 categories:


PERFORMER: This is the ideal category for beginners and persons with limited pole experience. Mark is based upon performance, spins and basic inverts.  Must not have used pole dancing as a source of income.  Levels 1,2 and 3 of the PDC Syllabus.  Music must be a minimum 3 minutes in length but no longer than 3 mins 30 secs.

INTERMEDIATE: Mark based on performance, all spins and basic inverts/tricks accepted, i.e. Scorpio Plank, Extended Butterfly, Superman and Cupid. Must not have used pole dancing as a source of income. Minimum of 4 moves @  Level 4 of the PDC Syllabus.  Music must be a minimum 3 minutes in length but no longer than 3 mins 30 secs.  

ADVANCED: This is for the more experienced dancer. Must not have used pole dancing as a source of income.   Must use a minimum of 4  Moves @  Level 5 of the PDC Syllabus i.e.  Ayesha, ShoulderMount, and Caterpiller Climb.  Moves from a higher level are acceptable but not compulsary.  Music must be a minimum 3 minutes in length but no longer than 3 mins 30 secs.  

POLE PROFESSIONALS: All pole tricks included. Open to anyone who has used pole dance as a  source of income, including dancers and Pole Instructors (including those that don't teach but have completed a recognised instructors course) .   Must use a minimum of 3 Moves at level 5 and 2 Moves @ level 6 of the PDC Syllabus i.e. Iron X and Batwing.  Music must be a minimum 4 minutes in length but no longer than 4 mins 30 secs. 

DOUBLES: All pole tricks permitted.  Music must be a minimum 3 minutes 30 secs in length but no longer than 4 minutes.

There are 2 Single Point Hoop sizes available for competitors to chose from, 900mm (35") or 1000mm (39").  If neither is suitabe competitors are able to bring their own single point hoop.  Please message up with your choice of hoop in advance.

INTERMEDIATE HOOP:  Ideal category for less experienced, amateur aerialists. No Instructors permitted. No use of top bar or strops. No drops permitted.  3 point contact at all times above the bottom bar. Elbow hangs permitted under bottom bar but no foot hangs. Music must be a minimum of 3 minutes in length but no longer than 3 mins 30 secs.

ADVANCED HOOP: Anything goes! a category for the experienced amateur. Music must be a minimum of 3 minutes in length but no longer than 3 mins 30 secs.

PROFESSIONAL HOOP: Anything goes!  Instructors and paid performers only. music must be a minimum of 3 mins 30 secs but no longer than 4 minutes

IF YOU PERFORM MORE THAN 2 ILLEGAL MOVES DURING YOUR DANCE YOU WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED.  In order to avoid this please check out the PDC Syllabus by clicking the link below:

Pole Dance Syllabus

Please note that all competitors will be required to pay a £15 NON-REFUNDABLE fee.  This will help to cover the costs of the competition.  Doubles also pay £15 each.

Sylabys PDC

This Year's Competitors - Cystedleuwyr Eleni

Jade Knox
Gemma Smith
Roxy Milton
Jenny Vidler
Sophia Morgan
Stuart Waters
Maria Fuentes

Zoe Willis
Becky Wiseman
Sarah Jones
Ben Archer
Sophie Heatley
Paige Tolhurst
Lopa Banerjee

Lauren Robins
Deborah Morgan
Kassia Parfitt
Leigh Rebekah
Natalie Etchells
Evelyn Minall

Anne-Marie Lewis
Mollie-Eve Burke
Ela Aur
Sammy Moyle
Katie Gallacher

Cilla Wilson & Sarah McGillvray
Claire Anderson & Hayley Kenney

Cat Atherton
Tanisha Cro
Nichola Antoniou
Lily Townsend
Holly Humphreys
Kayleigh McGrath

Ruth Neilson
Evelyn Minall
Lily Mercer
Beth Thomas
Katie Gallacher

Edward Fletcher
Amy Rochford

*Please make paypal payments of £15.00 to info@welshaerialandpolechampionships.co.uk 

or makes cheques payable to Pagan's Pole

*NB Videos do not need to be submitted at same time as entry and may be submitted at a later date



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